Vitamins and Supplements

Studies have shown that people with vitiligo are often deficient in certain vitamins, like folic acid, B12, copper and zinc. These, along with others like CoQ10, vitamin E, sometimes vitamin C and a high-quality multi-vitamin are prescribed by some doctors to help stabilize the immune system. Vitamins/supplements are generally used in combination with other treatments. Some studies have shown that folic acid, B-12, and sun exposure can help repigment the skin when used together. Please consult your doctor for the appropriate dosages.

NOTE: It is recommended that Vitamin B-12 and Folic acid be taken together These 2 nutrients are addressed together because when supplementing one, the other should also be supplemented. If there is a B12 deficiency & only folic acid is taken, it can mask some of the blood changes & clues that a B12 deficiency exists. Such masking can allow progressive & irreversible damage to take place in the brain, spinal column, & peripheral nerves. Further, folic acid must be present for the proper use of B12.

NO SUPPLEMENT SHOULD EVER BE TAKEN ALONE OR IN COMBINATION WITHOUT FIRST CONSULTING A DOCTOR. Some supplement combinations can be dangerous when combined or when taken out of balance with one another. This information is provided so that you may research on your own to determine with your doctor the best approach to your treatment.